Indigenizing Open Learning

Based on feedback received during the May Open Learning Indigenization workshop, OL is offering the following workshops and learning opportunities for all OL employees between September and December 2017.

Friday, September 22

Open House

Cplul'kw'ten (Gathering Place)
Step in for some fresh bannock, berries and coffee and discover what our neighbours are all about. 

Friday, September 29

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for us to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope to commemorate residential school. This day started in Williams Lake in 2013. Participate in our Orange Shirt Day Contest. For more info about Phyllis, after whose experience this day was named, go to Orange Shirt Day. "Every Child Matters."

Thursday, October 5

Say What?
How to respond to discriminatory remarks

OL Staff Room
Gail Morong and Fränzi Ng

Thursday, October 26

Department Feedback Meeting

OL 127
Gail Morong and Fränzi Ng

Thursday, November 9

TRU Elders: Meet Margaret Hyslop and TBA

OL Staff Room (on the first floor) 

Thursday, November 30

Indigenous Pedagogy & Epistemology, Colonization & Decolonization Explained

OL 127